General Questions


Q: Do I need to file a tax return?  

Probably. However, there are certain times you may not need to file but you may want to file. For specific tax questions, you should Contact Us or visit the IRS website.


Q: How many years have you been in business?  

We’ve been in business since XXXX. That’s XX years of making tax season stress free for our clients.


Q: Is filing with you secure?  

Absolutely. We’ve been in business since XXXX. We’ve helped hundreds of people file their taxes and get their maximum tax refund.

If you need to put a real human to the words on this screen, please come in for an appointment! You can also contact us using the information on our “Contact” page.


Q: Can I file my taxes myself?  

You can. You can also walk through a campfire and put pineapple on pizza.

The point being, you can do whatever you want. Is it going to be the best decision? Well…we’re not so sure.

If you’re not comfortable filing your taxes yourself, the best thing to do is at least reach out to someone else who can do it for you.   

There’s really no reason to stress or worry about doing taxes yourself. Our only job is to take care of that stuff for you.


Q: Can you answer questions about who I can claim as a dependent, family, and things like that?

A: Yes, we can! That’s part of our specialty. The best way to get the information you need about specific situations is to book an appointment.


Q: Can I still use your services if I’m being audited by the IRS?

A: Absolutely. Auditing can happen to anyone. We’ll help you get the most of your current tax season. Please contact us for more specific advice on how to move forward.  


Booking an Appointment


Q: How will I know which forms to upload?

A: We’ll tell you which documents you need in our document checklist.


Q: I can’t make my appointment! Can I reschedule?

A: Yes, if something comes up and you can’t make your appointment. Please contact us within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment time.


Q: Do I have to come in for an appointment?

A: There is an option for you to file completely online, click here for more information. Please note: you still may need to come into an appointment to sign some forms.